Thursday, July 29, 2010

My New, Sexy Vintage Couch

A couple of weeks ago we (my husband and I) decided our shoddy CLIK CLAK sofa just wasn't worth keeping anymore. Most of its use came from our cat, who carries around a considerable amount of weight and created a deep, moon-shaped dent from his constant sitting and grooming. So we purchased the above couch in nearly perfect condition for $120.

The woman who sold it to us (via Craigslist Minneapolis) said it was a vintage piece from the 1960s and was rarely used. There was a slight tear on the left arm, but as you can tell from the picture, you can't even see it. She sewed it up very well.

After we purchased this couch, the CLIK CLAK immediately went on sale for $50. It was purchased in two days (can't believe anyone wanted that thing, but I guess another woman's trash is another woman's treasure) and we had the new couch hauled into our apartment today. By 'hauled', I mean my husband and I dragged it in and waded through boxes of packed stuff to make room for it.

Couch-wise, it's roomy, wide and perfect for apartment living. It moves easily. Very light too.

What I won't enjoy: moving this bloody thing back downstasirs in three days when we move into our new apartment. Oh well, the moving is great for my biceps!


  1. I just got rid of a couch that looked almost exactly like that, but the fabric was a little different. Mine was a fold-out hide-a-bed though and heavy!! I kind of miss it.