Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vintage and Handmade Galore: My Super Cheap Entryway

I've been hankering for a way to make my entryway more...inviting, so to speak, since I moved into this apartment. Well I've done it with completely homemade and vintage items. Grand total: $37.50.

Vintage cabinet: Bought it from a local antique shop near Coon Rapids for $10.00.
Bowl/dish: It's actually from Ikea, so I kinda fibbed. That's the only 'commercial' item in my entryway. Ikea bowls are notoriously cheap, but I don't remember when I bought it. Probably before I got married.
Pine cones/acorns: I went to a local park in Coon Rapids and picked them myself. An hour of solid picking = free bowl filler.
Plush Hearthstone: Any WoW fans out there? It was handmade by a fellow seller on Etsy.
Twig thingy: I originally bought it a few years ago as a table runner for my uber snazzy wedding. It's made out of spray-painted twigs. Always good to repurpose stuff.

As I remarked to my husband, whenever I enter the apartment now it just feels so inviting. Something about twigs and pine cones that makes you feel at home. Or maybe it doesn't to you. But it makes me feel at home to me.

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